Château des Roches  houses the winery of the Domaine. Its history too, goes back to  romanesque times. Although its origins are in the 11th Century, as it stands it was built in the 19th Century. Its moment of glory was at the turn of the century when it was the holiday residence of the famous writer Gilbert Cesbron. Above all it was famous for being the property of the President of the French Hybrid Vine Society,  Monsieur Marot. Under his guidance, the vineyard was a huge producer of hybrid vines which in 1895, were the only vines able to satisfy the demand of a country ravaged by phylloxera.  Château des Roches was to become at that time, the most important wine entity in the Vienne, as much as a vine nursery as that of a wine producer and seller. 

The château had a new lease of life when it was restored by Benji and Kate Meuli who bought back the vineyard in 2004, fifteen years after they had acquired the château itself. The use of the chai and caves dating back to 1893, and unique in form, has been completely redesigned by  Frédéric.

This place is open to celebrate special events, where 1000 people can spend a tasteful evening in the middle of the vines. The Chateau des Roches is mainly used as the vinification cellar where 100 hl of vines are produced each year.