The Manoir de Lavauguyot, the heart of Ampelidae, was part of several buildings constructed in the XIV Century on the route of the Pilgrims Way to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle. Hidden in the cellar is an impressive monolithic cave dug out by the congregation of Nuns from Notre Dame de Poitiers and it is thought that it served as a place of worship in the Middle Ages. It was put to a less mystical but altogether more occult use in the  19th Century by Rodolphe Salis and his joyous band of acolytes, the « Hydropaths » . The famous founder of the cabaret, le Chat-Noir in Paris, made immortal in the Steinlin poster, spent much time there, the Manoir having been bought by his aunt, and put to good use, in his opinion, the proximity between the cellars and the bedrooms, a place outside Paris for fun and games.  On his death in 1897, his heirs called the wines of the Manoir, Vins du Chat Noir, and kept the distinctive label. The Chat Noir wones have known a big success from 1947, thanks to the harvest of this year saved form the frost and the enegy of George Champalou, Charles Exbrayat's friend, well-known writer who dedicated several novels to his goods friends and famous bottles. With its view over the whole region of the Vienne, it is now the place where the offices and tasting room settled down.