Our vineyard is split in 2 main parts, surrounding both the Manoir of Lavauguyot and the Château des Roches spread over 30 Km (18,70 Miles) around Marigny-Brizay. Each year are vinified over 115 Ha, among them 75 Ha belong to the estate. All the different kind of "terroirs" are as much expressions of the grape varieties which make our range of wines so rich and diversified. Thanks to the geological structure of the vineyard, we can work with various grape varieties, such as the Sauvignon Blanc and Gris, the Pinot Noir and as well the two Cabernet.

Age of the eldest vines :

  • Sauvignon : 46 years old
  • Chardonnay : 46 years old
  • Cabernet : 46 years old
  • Pinot Noir : 35 years old