Would the name Mailleterie come from the "maillet", a kind of hammer used to make the oak barrels? Surely it is.

It is at this very place the whole adventure started. Bought in 1809 by Marianne Baillet, the building will stay as the property of the Brochet family till 1960. Christain Brochet, Frederic's father, his aunt Paulette and Jeannine are born there. The wedding of his grand-mother Armance waas celebrated in this house in January 1921. This defensive tower registered as a historic monument in France, is made out of Tuffeau, typical white limestone for the Loire valley. The Mailleterie is in the same way as the Manoir de Lavauguyot, is made out of a monolithic cave, and although smaller it offers the possibility of winemaking by gravity.  It was widely used by Frédéric Brochet when he started winemaking because his own particular parcel of PN 1328 happened to be just above the cave! The niches in the walls are testament to the fact that it was inhabited in the Middle Ages. It was a resting place of the Templars in the 16th Century and the northern part of the building houses the remains of three Templar tombs and many secret passages.