Ampelidae's Birth:

Ampelidae is born in 1995, in the family domaine where Frederic Brochet just started a few years before to produce his first wine at the age of 11 with only 2 small tanks, 3 oak barrels and a bucket!

Kate and Benjamin Meuli:

In 2004, Frédéric was joined by Benjamin and Kate Meuli, the owners of Chateau des Roches, who have been closely involved in the development of the business along with the management team ever since.

On the January 3rd, 2020, Kate Meuli took over as President of Ampelidae. She is supported by a young and talented team, willing to make Ampelidae a major local, national, and international actor in the world of organic wines.

Both the new and existing management team continue to be utterly committed to Ampelidae being innovative, engaging in local and sustainable development, caring for the environment, and most importantly making excellent wine, all of which are in the DNA of the company.