Past vintages

 Here is a presentation of the complete history of the Ampelidae vintages since the new millennium:




A record vintage of which only the Blanc d’Hiver is actually available. For the others make a date for May 2012…….




Just recently bottled at the beginning of October, the 2010 are very impressive for their ease of access. At the same time, full and supple. Tempting to open now but worth keeping.

-PN 1328: Legendary texture and delicious fruit

-Le S: Full, rich, one to keep an eye on. Very good balance.

-Le K: Massive and velvety. To keep.

-Le C: Beautifully balanced. To mature in cellar.




It is said that 2009 was the best ever vintage….before seeing the 2010. The wines are astonishingly consistent.

-PN 1328: Powerful and elegant at the same time. It needs to breathe and is worth decanting for 20 minutes.

-Le S: Marvellous, fruity, powerful and mineral. The S to beat.

-Le K: A very pretty wine, powerful and tannic. To leave for a while.

-Le C: To my mind, one of the very best, in a style more Meursault than Puligny.




With its fresh weather, 2008 was a great year for the whites, tense, blistering bursting with acidity. The production of PN and K was kept to a minimum but the selection has given us two very fine wines.

-PN 1328: Dense, tannic. A bottle to be kept for at least 5 years.

-Le S: Absolutely delicious, the first in a very mineral series.

-Le K: Very fresh and fruity, a very pretty wine with a fine balance.

-Le C: Very creamy, to be kept for at least 3 more years.




This was the first year of production wholly labelled organic. It was a delicate year from the point of view of viticulture. No Le K was produced as it was judged to be incompatible with the style of this great Cuvee.

-PN 1328: Very pretty wine, with a fresh style already in full bloom. To keep an eye on.

-Le S: Slightly closed. To be kept for 2 years.

-Le C: Great success, delicious now and still for at least 5 years.




2006 is to my mind one of the best vintages for white wine of the decade. The reds were solid and well structured and will last well.

-PN 1328: Dense and starting to age. To drink now.

-Le S: Beautifully truffly and smoky. Great strength.

-Le K: Very spicy bouquet, intense. Solid tannins which will give it another 10 years of potential.

-Le C: An absolute marvel. Very good but you could wait another 5 years.




An extraordinary vintage for its ease and precocity. A sunny vintage which made the reds unbelievably successful.

-PN 1328: Strong, supple. A delight now and for another 3 years.

-Le S: Super-powerful, easy, very ripe and in full possession of all its faculties. Perfect.

-Le C: Rich, honeyed. Perfect without waiting too long.




A risky vintage, 2004 was spoilt by some uncalled for autumnal weather. The whites are marvellous, the reds easy to drink.

-PN 1328: Very pretty aging bouquet. Supple texture. To drink now.

-Le S: Truffly, tense, well balanced. To drink now.

-Le K: Beautiful aging bouquet. Easy. Very agreeable in its style.

-Le C: Fine, delicious. To drink now.




The year of the heatwave produced an incredible year for the reds. If numerous regions were suffering with drought, the terroirs of Lavauguyot adored it!

-PN 1328: An unrivalled strength, an ultra soft texture. Delectable.

-Le S: Outside the norms, it had a feeble acidity which made it very powerful.

-Le K: A legend. No comment.

-Le C: Very ripe. Delicious.




This was perhaps the most classic vintage. All the wines were characteristic of their type except le S, which was harvested when it was very ripe…..

-PN 1328: Tense, fresh, perfect.

-Le S: Atypical, a liqueur like nose, very suave. To drink now.

-Le K: Delicious in magnums, a lovely texture carrying well developed fruit.

-Le C: Nougat, maple flower. Very lovely. To drink now.




This was a great vintage for the whites and even 10 years on, one still appreciates the depth of the fruit.

-PN 1328: To drink now. A light style.

-Le S: Truffly, tense. Marvellous. To drink now.

-Le K: A beautiful aging nose. To drink now.

-Le C: Just delicious.




The first vintage of a new genre. A great vintage for le K.

-PN1328: Powerful and supple. To drink now.

-Le S: Delicate bouquet of melon. To drink now.

-Le K: Extraordinary framework. A bouquet of hearth. Marvellous.

-Le C: Nougat and veal stock. To drink now.