Characterised by combining the aromatic charisma of the exuberant fruit of fully ripe Cabernet-Sauvignon and elegant aging, Le K is big and velvety. More black than red, more blackcurrant than red, more coffee than chicory, more Havana than Earl Grey. A brute in kid gloves which can compete with all the Bordeaux wines. Wildlife area: rib steack, wild boar ham, leg of lamb.

Grape varieties : Cabernet franc, cabernet Sauvignon.

The story : The K of Kbernet, is our great wine made out of Cabernet franc (Saint-Emilion grape variety) and Cabernet Sauvignon (Médoc grape variety). Mainly coming out of old vines, after a long maceration and 12 to 18 months in brand-new oak barrels, it is ready to taste as our most powerful wine from the house!

Service: Please decant the wine an hour before drinking.