As a child, I remember family meals perfumes and wooden wine-press cracking noises.

As a teenager, I discovered the magic of science and the wide range of knowledge.

For all these reasons, when I reached 23 years old, I created Ampelidae, the perfect association between my rural roots and my scientific pursuit of knowledge.

Forget about the wines of Yesterday, Ampelidae is a wine of Today, a contemporary wine in which I put all my energy, always concerned by the protection of nature and to reach an ideal of purity and intensity.

Welcome on our web page.

Hot 2019

With this very hot summer here in France we are expecting a great Vintage although the vineyard is very thursty. If you are also, our Marigny rosé as well as our sparklig Armance or our Brochet Chenin and Sauvignon can be of some assistance.

We hope to see you in our always fresh cellars of Neuville or Marigny. Enjoy summer.