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Ampelidæ - The "Icons"

Named after a single letter, the initial of its grape variety, our “Ampelidæ” wines are the real icons of the domaine. The top of our range, these wines showcase our winemaking expertise and our different ways of ageing the wines (including oak barrel, concrete egg, terracotta amphora jars…)

A must try for all fine wine lovers.

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marigny-neuf - the "terroirs"

The wines that make up the Marigny-Neuf range are an authentic, unadulterated expression of the great grape varieties of the Loire Valley: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Gamay, all enhanced by a unique terroir, which has been our pride since 1995.

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Fié Gris - our signature

Our cuvée Fié Gris gives new life to our most local grape variety! This grape was close to disappearing from the region a few decades ago, but thanks to the hard work of Ampelidae and our fellow winegrowers, Surin (also known as Fié Gris, Sauvignon Gris or Sauvignon Rose) now brightens our table with its modern and unique style. Chefs and sommeliers go crazy for it!


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armance b. - our sparkling

Named after our founder’s grandmother, our sparkling range Armance B. combines exceptional grapes, a second fermentation using the traditional method and prolonged aging on lees. The aromas are fair and balanced, the bubbles tantalize in their finesse, in short... White or rosé, it is the ideal partner for your celebrations! Also available in magnum!

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blanc d'hiver - the original

Each year we choose the Sauvignon Blanc with the most aromatic potential are selected from early ripening vines (usually planted in soils with a mix of clay and limestone)

The grapes are harvested early and the fermentation is stopped before all of the sugar has been converted to alcohol. Resulting in a light wine with the perfect balance of acidity, residual sugar, a blast of fruity aromas.

It has become a local sensation which is on sale from the 3rd thursday of October and often sold out before the Sping!

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