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our story

The origins of Ampelidæ is the story of three parts : firstly Frederic Brochet the founder, the Meuli family who joined him to support the development of the domaine, and a group of winegrowers from the Vienne who share the same vision.

the early years

the early years

Frédéric Brochet created Ampelidæ in 1995 in his family's winery in Marigny-Brizay. The journey begain with a half a hectare plot of pinot noir vines. The plot's cadastral number was 1328 which would give its name to our "Grand Vin" P.N 1328.

Right from the beginnings, the desire was there to join to combine organic viticulutre with cutting edge science in the wine-making process. This ambition continues to form the backbone of Ampelidæ : the mastery of natural methods combined with new technologies for the utmost precision winemaking.

the haut poitou cave cooperative

the haut poitou cave cooperative

The Haut Potou Cave Cooperative was established in 1948 by Jean Raffarin. It fell on hard times during the 90's and early 2000's and was eventually taken over by Ampelidæ in 2014. From then on, we have continued to work with the local viticulteurs and and helped them to convert to organic farming. We have also maintained the cooperative spirit by creating a "CUMA" (a pooling of communal material and equipment), which allows all winegrowers, irrelevant of the size of operation, to benefit from all the modern material and equipment necessary to work the soil or treat the vines organically.

present day

present day

Frederic Brochet left the management of Ampelidæ in 2020 and the mantle was taken up by the Meuli family, who together with a young and talented team continue to strive to make Ampelidæ a major player in the world of organic wine in France and internationally.

the evolution of our wines

1995 : the brand ampelidæ is created....

The first plot of vines belonging to Ampelidæ, a half hectare plot of pinot noir with a cadastral number of 1328, gives its name to the first "Grand Vin" of Ampelidæ : P.N 1328.

2000 : first wine certified organic

The P.N 1328 was the first wine to be certified organic in the year 2000.

2004 : the first wine harvest at Chateau des Roches

The harvest and winemaking has been made at the winery at Chateau des Roches since 2004. The winery was completely renovated in 2005 to modernise it and bring it back to its former glory. The winery currently has the capacity to hold fourteen thousand hectolitres of wine (that's one million four hundred thousand litres of wine!)

2005 : the gem Blanc d'Hiver was first discovered...

Création de notre petite pépite : Le Blanc d'Hiver. 

2012 : our first cuvée with no added sulfites

Now a relatively common winemaking technique, no added sulfite wine was incredibly rare in 2012. We mastered the art of vinifying red wines without the additon of sulfites in 2012 and continued the mastery with a Sauvignon Blanc cuvée a couple of years later.

2022 : our first zero alcohol wine is launched...

Brochet Zéro our first zero alcohol wine was launched in March 2022. 100% organic sauvignon, zero alchohol.

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